11th Annual  

Ouray Canyon Festival

August 11-15, 2021

Ouray Canyon Festival offers a great opportunity to discover new canyons, make new friends; to share ideas and information; and to learn new skills and techniques from other canyoneers. The intent of our festival is to provide canyoneers with opportunities to practice their skills and techniques.

During canyon festival volunteers organize canyoneering trips each day, intended for canyoneers of various skill levels. Other festival activities include: skills workshops, gear demos, slide and film presentations, gear swaps, door prizes and raffles.


​ http://ouraycanyonfestival.org




Youth Canyoneering Project

not available in 2021

This summer program is a partnership between the Ouray Canyon Coaliation and San Juan Mountain Guides. This project enables western slope youth an opportunity to explore the sport of canyoneering.

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"How to get started in Canyoneering".


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Community Outreach Projects

not available in 2021

Community Center video loop project:  Updated and maintain continuous video loop of Ouray canyoneering.  The video plays continuously at the visitors center.

Veterams Canyoneering

Adventure Days

not available in 2021

This summer program is a partnership between the Ouray Canyon Coaliation, San Juan Mountain Guides, and Welcome Home Montrose, a veterans support group.  This project provides veterans with an opportunity to explore the sport of canyoneering.

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Ouray Canyon Club

The Ouray Canyon Club (OCC) was launched in the spring 2012 for the purpose of promoting and teaching safe and ethical canyoneering.  We are especially dedicated to introducing Ouray City residents, Ouray County residents, and western slope residents to the wonderful world of canyoneering and the amazing canyons in our own backyard.


If you are new to canyoneering, the OCC offers beginner workshops with an emphasis  on safety and self-rescue.  Also offered by the Ouray Canyon Club are workshops in knots, anchors, ropework, pothole-escape, rescue, and ethical canyoneering.


If you already  have canyoneering experience, join other members on some of our monthly outings - a great way to  meet new friends and discover new canyons.





Annual Fundraising Gear Raffel for the Ouray Mountain Rescue Team (OMRT)

This event takes place at the annual Ouray Canyon Festival and raised $1000 in 2018.

At Risk Youth

Outreach Project

In development

Adaptive Sports


In development