Ouray Canyon Club
Host of the 14 th Annual RIC and 6th Annual Ouray Canyon Festival

The Ouray Canyoning Club, an activity venue of the Ouray Canyon Coalition, Inc., was organized to provide a safe environment for canyoneers to train and newcomers to learn about the sport.  The club has orgainzed the annual Ouray Canyon Festival for six years.

flowing waterfalls, and alpine scenery. Canyoning in Ouray is a very unique experience suited for those with a thirst for adventure!


Coalition of American Canyoneers

The Coalition of American Canyoneers is a non-profit, non-partisan, member-run organization. If you love canyoneering and would like to promote canyon access, conservation, education, and safety, we encourage you to learn more about our organization and become involved.

International Ameteur Association of Canyoneers



Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

1000 North Street
Boulder, CO 80304 

800.332.4100 (toll-free)
303.442.8222 (phone)